Lucy Liao is a native Chinese who has previously studied in Yerevan State University in Armenia, Major Economic. She started to teach Chinese since her start in College. 10 years experience as Chinese teacher. Two of many of her students have studied in BEIJING RENMIN University, and two students currently studying in SHANGHAI University. Now she has her own school called North America Chinese Education Center located in Van Nuys, where all levels of Chinese are taught.

Teaching about China and Chinese culture, daily conversation, Business situations, Chinese slang, culture, and customs are just a few of the very many topics taught by Professor Liao. She also helps to pass HSK Test (Hanyu Shuipin Kaoshi). It is a Chinese proficiency test, pass the 4th or higher level; you will be able to go to China to study with full or half scholarship. For kids group Liao always make sure the kids enjoy the classes, we start from the basic stocks, and Pinyin. During the class Chinese Songs, Chinese Culture, Stories, and Chinese Origami are also taught.


About the School

Our Chinese studies program is special for all kinds of students at different age groups. Chinese is one of the oldest and most used languages nowadays in the United States. At our school we have different enrollment levels that start from preschool that are about four years old all the way to older adults. It is our duty as teachers to make sure that we have a well rounded program of the Chinese language itself as well as its cultures. However, throughout the time of being in our program there is a lot of emphasis not only on learning the Chinese language itself but also listening, speaking, writing and translation skills which are very important.


All of our students learn to appreciate the language, history, culture and traditions that take place in China. As highly trained and educated teachers we are recruited from the general community and come from numerous diverse professions, jobs, and dissimilar backgrounds. However, we all share an expressed longing and devotion to instruct the Chinese language. All of our highly educated teachers have at the minimum a degree from a college level that ranges from many different degrees such as Education, Accounting, Liberal Studies, Mathematics, Chinese, English and much more.