Los Angeles Chinese Classes

One of the well known languages in Los Angeles is Chinese. Therefore, LearningChinese in Los Angeles should be mandatory for all individuals regardless of age. Our Chinese study center is the leading Chinese language school in Los Angeles, presenting different class levels for beginning or advanced students. Los Angeles Chinese Classes are taught in a clean and newly remodeled facility. Our prices are low and worth every dollar. We take pleasure in presenting L.A.’s leading Chinese instructions using extremely knowledgeable native-speaking Chinese instructors and university texts.

Chinese Courses in Los Angeles

Learning to speak Chinese in Los Angelesis significant because of the great job opportunities and so much more that is available to students. Our tutors are also accessible for confidential training and business programs. We provide a complete schedule of Chinese Classes in Los Angeles with different times so that the individual has the ability to choose which times fit their schedule the best. We have different levels of Chinese classes. Even for those students who can speak Chinese fluently. Our instructors also present a semi-private Chinese classes or personal Chinese lessons for any level of Chinese.

Los Angeles Chinese Teacher – Lucy Liao

I am a native Chinese. I have previously studied in Yerevan State University in Armenia, Major Economic. I started to teach Chinese since I was in College. 10 years experience as Chinese teacher. I have two students who studied in BEIJING RENMIN University, and two students currently studying in SHANGHAI University. Now I have my own school called North America Chinese Education Center located in Van Nuys, where I teach all levels of Chinese.

We have a wide range of classes for some of the students that choose to meet once a week, everyday or during the weekends. New schedules or classes available for the new term are posted on our website daily. If you happen to have a class that does not fit well into your schedule or is not shown for some reason then feel free to give us a call and we will gladly assist you with all of your needs. Most of the time students have the ability to add a class that they are not currently in. Speak to your instructor for more information on how to become more involved and successful when starting to come to our school. Learninghow to speak Chinese in Los Angeles is vital!